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What to expect when you come for a K4 treatment…

Treatments are unique to each individual, therefore everyones experience will be different, however some aspects will be the same.

1) Before we start We need to know what you want from a treatment, your general health and what your injury history has been.

This tells us what to look for during the massage and which muscular issues are related to the current problem you are experiencing and want help with. We can then work through the current issues your body is dealing with and any problems that may be running in the background.

2) Once a treatment plan is in place

Your therapist will then leave the room for you to undress to your underwear and give you time to get fully covered under the towels.

Alternatively if this is something you feel uncomfortable with please bring some shorts with you or talk to your therapist about how we can make you feel more comfortable. It is important that if you feel uncomfortable in any aspect that you talk it through with your therapist.

3) During the treatment

We will use our skills and experience to “read” the tissue as best as we can with our hands and respond accordingly. A good therapist can work a lot out for themselves, but how the tissue feels and how your brain registers the treatment is unique to you. At any point if it causes discomfort that you are unhappy with talk it through with your therapist. You know you better than anyone and explaining how you feel may be helpful, regardless of the therapists skill level. Please read the blog “does it have to hurt” if you want more information about the effects of different pressures and how they impact the body.

4) After your treatment

Your therapist will leave the room to give you time to get yourself up and dressed. When you are ready open the door.

Please drink plenty of water.

It is important to take some time to gently move the area that has been massaged to recalibrate the body to its new muscle lengths, structure and function, especially before taking part in any strenuous or fast movements.

What do you expect during a treatment?

The treatment is a catalyst for a multitude of cellular, structural and hormonal changes, these can leave you feeling totally relaxed or if you wanted to initiate the healing process and make structural changes you may feel a little sore.

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