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Founder Kirsty Harvey is fully trained and qualified and has many years experience using sports massage for all manner of injuries at any level. 

K4 sports rehab works to promote healing and speed the recovery rate of serious injuries that are effecting your ability to do daily tasks right through to small muscular problems that are causing discomfort or restriction. 

The aim is to get you feeling better in so many more ways than just out of pain. We understand temporary pain relief is important but we also work towards injury prevention and achieving future goals. We are dedicated to helping you reach your potential.

Kirsty knows that carrying pain and injury is as mentally draining as it is physically, which is why her treatment room is relaxing and non-judgemental and works with the body specifically and as a whole. 


If you want to get back to your best K4 is the place to start.

How to squat and lunge correctly...
How to squat and lunge correctly...
01 Aug 2019, 19:00
k4 sports rehab
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