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Why massage really makes you feel better

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

If there is an problem in the soft tissue then it needs to be found, as although it can come from a multitude of different sources, the end result is the same - it will be stopping something in your body working efficiently, and having a knock-on effect to the surrounding tissue and muscle.

Are you driving with the brakes on

The fibres in the body are all orientated to allow controlled and effective movement in a multitude of different planes. These are all working with their counterbalancing antagonist partners to allow you to move efficiently. Therefore, anything stopping this movement is like driving with the handbrake on. Not the best idea at any time.

As well as taking the brakes off and letting you run smoothly, we can also alter the bodies ability to send information down the right channels and get things firing as they should be, minimising the risks of recurrence.

Massage isn’t just rubbing the tissue and hoping for the best. We work the tissue until it has released whatever it was holding, until the trigger point is gone. We don’t stop until the area as a whole is moving better and has the ability to function as it should.

The only thing that hinders us from sorting out your issues is you, and how much time you give us to do it. If you walk around every day, feeling a bit stiff or a bit sore, that doesn’t help you. Fixing a human is cheaper than fixing a car, yet how much time do we set aside for ourselves, and our own self-care

Massage of course, is more than just the tissues and muscles. It has a knock on effect on mental health too.

There are plenty of studies but what it boils down to is - massage makes you feel better. That’s why it is seen as a treat. It relaxes the mind, it eases pain which in turn releases endorphins. It makes the rest of your day more manageable because you are in a better state of mind to tackle life. The effects of massage aren’t quantifiable in an age where everything has a price.

Could regular treatment enhance your life?

It is a given that over time, we get some wear and tear around our bodies. Some issues are so tiny we barely notice, or shrug off as inconsequential. Others are more obvious, but get ignored for a variety of reasons.

But like standing under grains of sand flowing through an hour glass, sooner or later your body is under a large enough burden to start to buckle. And the stresses and strains of ordinary life become harder to cope with as a result.

Too many people soldier on until the problems are too big to ignore. And at this point, breaking down, both physically and mentally is often the outcome.

So why go for a regular treatment?

The massage table could do so much more than just relax you. Fixing those physical problems, allowing yourself to feel and release the pain you’ve been holding in your muscles, allows your brain space to breathe. Heal yourself, inwards and out.

So what is massage is deemed a luxury? If it enhances your quality of life, surely that is worth doing?

The knock on effects of massage. After a massage you will immediately have a better range of movement. On top of this, the receptors in the body are alert and ready to take on new information. Whether you came in because you were in pain, or stressed, your body will start to process and reevaluate the new information it has been given through the soft tissues and use this accordingly to help you. You will be in a better place to deal with a task, or get a good nights sleep.

How often do you need a massage?

Looking after your body is a bit like looking after a house… Keep it tidy and you have less to do on a weekly basis, but leave it be and the damage soon builds up.

However, sooner or later even if you keep your house tidy, it is time to renovate or redecorate. And likewise, your body will go through phases of needing more regular care and attention - whether due to a new training plan, a new job or just because.

Regular massage will always give you some benefit, even if you don’t have a big issue. Or once the big issue is solved, why stop and wait for it to reappear? Keeping on top of any potential issues it will always enhance your quality of life.

While major structural issues and injuries should always been seen and assessed by a doctor, for everything else there is no harm in trying to solve the issue with massage.

Muscles develop and change in different time frames, depending on what you are doing. Anyone is heavy training should be having treatment weekly, or it is fortnightly for moderate training.

If you just want to maintain your current levels of functionality, then every four weeks is sufficient.

For those nursing injuries, the body is healing in 5-7 day cycles and thus weekly massages will help to direct and oversee the healing process.

Why wait to feel better? Why delay?

Tomorrow isn't soon enough when we are discussing the opportunity of enhancing your quality of life in so many ways.

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